Need Some New RSS Feeds? Find a Directory Online

RSS feeds are awesome. They are the wave of the future, from the past. They have been around since the late 1990s, but are only just now being embraced for their convenience and versatility. When they were first introduced, the problem was that there was not much available in RSS format. Because it took so long to make enough content RSS compatible, RSS feeds sort of flew under the radar for the longest time.

Only now are RSS feeds starting to reemerge. They are coming out again because a brand new generation of internet users has established itself in the web, and they have just discovered RSS for themselves. It is a brand new product to them, therefore it is not old news. That growing excitement from a new audience base has led to even more sites actively producing RSS content. To the point where, if you were to create a simple, personal blog using a site like Blogger or Weebly, they automatically make your posts RSS enabled. You do not even get the option.

If you yourself are new to the RSS craze, and want to immerse yourself in it fully, all you need to do is find a handful of sites to subscribe to so that you can fill up your RSS reader. You can bounce around from site to site, finding ones that you like and then clicking on their RSS subscription button, but that can be time consuming. There is a better and easier way. That is finding RSS feed directories.

RSS feed directories can be found in a few different locations. You can simply search for an RSS feed directory list online. You may get a handful of results when you search for this, so you can explore them all, or sift through for what might be best suited for your RSS tastes. For example, you may find a strictly video RSS feeds directory, or a directory of just news RSS feeds. You can find an overall directory that breaks the feeds down into specific categories in the list. On such lists you can find sports, food, world news, economy, business, and even web comics all sorted out for your browsing ease.

You can also find RSS feed directories right in most RSS readers. They will have a built in library of links and subscriptions that you can access in the reader itself. That makes RSS even more convenient, because not only can you read all of your favorite content in one place, but you can subscribe to it from there as well. It just goes to prove that RSS was built for convenience. So save yourself the time and trouble, subscribe to RSS feeds right through a directory.