Finding an RSS Feeds Directory

RSS feeds are an interesting online application because, although they are very widely used, there are still many people who do not really understand what they are, or how they function.

To explain, RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, though it is often dubbed Really Simple Syndication since this might be considered a better description of how it operates. An RSS is basically an online aggregation application that syndicates data as it appears real time, in a unified format. This might sound pretty complicated, but it is actually quite simple.

Say you follow eight blogs about wrestling. You like reading all the updates, but these blogs all update at different times, on different days, and you do not want to constantly check their sites or memorize complicated schedules. Instead, you can add all these websites to your RSS wrestling feed, aggregating it all in one place.

The RSS feed will then syndicate, or publish, all the data these different sites update with, in a unified format, such as a grouping of titles. That is how an RSS feed works. Instead of having to look up multiple sites, you see updates all in one place.

Once you are familiar with RSS feeds, you might want to find a greater variety of options. An RSS feeds directory is what you will be looking for. RSS feed directories list RSS feeds by what content they carry, such as Iranian News, cat pictures, or anything else. Video RSS feeds directory are popular, especially among the younger generation. An RSS feeds directory can help you connect to the information and updates you are most interested in. If you are looking for an RSS feed directory list, there are multiple which are easy to access just by searching in Google.